Upgrade to the Suite!

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Before Tuesday 26th March (at midnight GMT), we’re offering our existing users the chance to get 50% off an upgrade to the BUTE Loudness Suite.

Get a comprehensive loudness toolkit for your studio ensuring your audio is good to go! The bundle includes:

  • An advanced version of our Analyser, Limiter and Normaliser.

  • The Normaliser comes as a standalone application

  • The Analyser includes an integrated True Peak Brickwall Limiter & Audio Suite Normaliser

  • Unparalleled ease of use with clean and comprehensive user-interface

  • DAW Sync and automatic re-metering reflecting any adjustments for a smarter workflow

  • Wide array of built-in presets for the very latest loudness standards and recommendations

  • History overview and alerts letting you easily identify and quickly navigate around your session to areas that require your attention

  • Custom alert system so you can specify your own parameters

  • Incredibly insightful history graph

  • Toggle between readings for short-term & momentary loudness, true peak, and traditional RMS to declutter your session

  • Flexible and collapsable so you can have a graph or numerical view

  • Can handle long session - 10+ hours of data

  • Reloadable session data

  • Save, Load and Export metering data

  • Available in Stereo or Surround version. The Surround version expands support for multi-channel configurations up to 10-channel Atmos.

  • Available for Windows and Mac

  • Compatible with VST / VST3 / AU / AAX (including Audio Suite)

  • Pro Tools 12.5 or higher


Stereo - £199 £99.50 (+vat) | Surround - £249 £124.50 (+vat)

To claim your 50% OFF, insert this coupon code at the check-out before March 26th 2019 (at midnight GMT):