About Us 

“Professional audio software tuned to the industry.”

We’re on a mission to make audio production easier. Our team excel at research and development in digital audio signal processing and UX design. We want to democratize sound production for the next generation of audio producers, creating the very latest technology which is performant, intuitive and increases task automation.

We live by the motto work smarter, not harder. Our tools are engineered to the highest standard and feature clean, yet comprehensive user-interfaces that help engineers deal with the increasingly fast-paced world of audio production. Our products are designed in collaboration with testers from all parts of the audio industry, in gaming, broadcasting, TV/Film and music. This helps us in our constant endeavour to finely tune our products and create best in class software designed primarily for professionals.

Our first range of tools, BUTE, was released in March 2018. The BUTE range deals with loudness-related issues. At the time of writing, the BUTE collection comprises of a Loudness Analyser, Limiter, and Normaliser. These are available in the full suite (which includes an advanced, integrated plugin comprising all the functions), or separately.

Signum Audio is also proud to have founded The Edinburgh Festival of Sound in November 2018. This 2-day event saw some of the leading names in audio like Roland, Ableton and Universal Audio, along with local performers and installation-makers, at Teviot Row House in the heart of Scotland’s capital. The festival revolves around all of the different worlds linked to audio technology, and includes a showcase of cutting-edge technology, talks, workshops, installations, music and more.

Signum Audio, part of Adago Solutions Ltd, is based in Edinburgh, Scotland and was co-founded in 2015 by Danjeli Schembri and Benjamin Durrenberger. They previously worked for a major games developer in Edinburgh designing the audio system for some of the leading global titles before starting their own venture into the audio industry.


Danjeli Schembri, Co-founder / Software Developer


Moira Scicluna, Graphic Designer & UX Developer

Benjamin Durrenberger, Co-founder / Software Developer


Russell McMahon, Marketing & Business Developer


Chris Buchanan, DSP Engineer & Mathematician